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UOL EdTech acquires Skore startup - LXP platform

For businesses of all sizes

Go Digital:
Training Changes Everything

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Empower your staff with an end-to-end solution that combines technology and content.

100% online training platform with UOL EdTech training programs, which are ready-to-use for companies of all sizes. Invest in training your teams with an end-to-end, accessible and ready-to-use solution for the professional development of your employees, increasing their productivity and performance, which ultimately will help your company grow and achieve better results.




Having a trained, engaged, productive team changes everything

All in one environment

High-quality platform and content .


Future Skills

Skills to help your team succeed.


Accessible and easy-to-use

Both on desktop and mobile.


All in one environment

High-quality platform and content .

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Accessible and easy-to-use

Both on desktop and mobile.

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Trained staff is more motivated. And this motivation impacts your business.


courses on current and practical subjects


unique major themes


digital, innovative content that gets straight to the point


Check out the key advantages of training your staff with Go Digital

Your staff can access courses, videos, podcasts, on their desktop or their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). They can also access the content offline.

Go Digital

High-quality, ready-to-use content

When your company acquires Go Digital, it receives a package of 100% digital courses consisting of content created by top experts to solve the challenges of a company that keeps up with market trends.

Go Digital

Organize the courses and activities into journeys

Organize your courses, videos, podcasts, into journeys/trails so that users know what needs to be done and in what order. You can structure the user journey by mixing your own content with the courses in the package.

Go Digital

Offer a gamified training experience

Gamified environment to engage your team with features used in games such as avatars, scores, ranking and rewards.

Go Digital

Monitor your team’s performance

User-friendly reporting to access user development and engagement in proposed courses.

Go Digital

Offer a participation certificate

After completing their tasks, users receive a participation certificate.

I want to start training my team with Go Digital

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More than work, what connects us, what unites us, is the purpose of building a better world through education.


Ir. Manuir José Mentges

Vice Dean PUCRS

Now, we are starting to use digital more and more... Digital is here to stay, without a doubt.


Eduardo Aparecido da Silva


Since I couldn’t afford a private prep course, I found Passei Direto, and it has everything I need to study for the entrance exam and for the ENEM. And it was thanks to Passei Direto that I got a full scholarship in a private nursing university.


Thais Eliza Jacinto

Nursing Student - Passei Direto

It used to be that it only made sense to have a platform if I had a very large or geographically dispersed company. That changed. Today, any company, regardless of size, needs a knowledge management platform, because it brings the individual closer to the learning process.


Gilmara Alvarado

Banco ABC

The SapiênCia content collection offers titles that are mostly in line with extremely essential, top trending skills. They are short learning objects like knowledge pills that allow people to consume several of these in a short time span.


Michelle Wizemberg Dentes


The LMS Antena Platform allowed us to design a pedagogical strategy aligned with the needs of our business partners, who are not company employees and required a different approach. The tool does what it sets out to do, and supports the latest technology solutions for corporate education.


Luana Macedo


We had the opportunity to scale our training program through the automation that the platform provides and this was one of the most important points that helped with training at Loft.


Luan Martins


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