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UOL EdTech acquires Skore startup - LXP platform

SapiênCia: Off-the-shelf Learning Content Collection

Develop your team now for the skills of 2025 and beyond

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SapiênCia - The best learning content solution on the market, with a format that’s innovative, easy to use and quick to deploy

Our off-the-shelf portfolio of SAPIÊNCIA learning content and online courses covers the main topics and training needs of the job market, and offers the most suitable digital learning experience for corporate training.




Soft skills, Hard skills, Reskilling and Upskilling for your employees

Team Training

What challenges does SapiênCia address?


Ready to Deploy

Why choose SapiênCia for your company?.


For Every Business

Results achieved by companies that train with SapiênCia.


Team Training

What challenges does SapiênCia address?

Descubra como

For Every Business

Results achieved by companies that train with SapiênCia.

Descubra como

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SapiênCia is the only learning content solution on the market designed specifically for corporate settings


courses available to design learning pathways and training programs


enterprise clients using our solution for their teams


renowned experts

7 collections | 71 courses

BANI World
- Skills for the Future

We developed the SapiênCia Mundo BANI collection precisely to support teams from companies of all segments and sizes, collaborating in the important process of “flipping the switch” and adapting to a new reality, with new challenges and a new business reality to absorb.

6 collections | 99 courses

SapiênCia + Escola do Caos
- Leadership and Innovation Skills

Leadership and Innovation are the main challenges for companies in all contexts. Prepare your employees with full journeys to apply the concepts of Leadership and Innovation in partnership with Escola do Chaos.

3 collections | 45 courses

SapiênCia + AAA
- Innovation Insights

Provide insights, foster value discussions, and update employees with the latest on innovation, business and economics. Partnership between AAA (Ricardo Amorim, Artur Igreja and Allan Santos) and UOL EdTech.

2 collections | 10 courses

SapiênCia + Franklin Covey
- Management skills

Certify your employees with content from one of the world’s leading training institutions, now in an online format.

+ 50 Micromasters courses

Power SapiênCia 

Bring the most innovative content in the academic world to your company with this selection from PUCRS Online’s graduate and MBA courses. Take your training project to another level, with much more value for teams and audiences.

12 collections | 127 courses

SapiênCia 2022
- Skills for the Digital Present

The skills most desired by companies, through easy-to-digest content designed to change behaviors and mindsets, with a focus on digital transformation.

5 collections | 20 courses

SapiênCia HUB

Transform your customer service function into an experience hub with content on technology, communication and customer experiences that speak your team’s language!

7 collections | 78 courses

SapiênCia Upskilling

Empower your employees to take their key skills to the next level and help them keep up with the changing business climate. With SapiênCia Upskilling, you make sure that your teams and audience are equipped with the conceptual foundation to perform their daily activities.

Tell me more about the courses and training programs

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More than work, what connects us, what unites us, is the purpose of building a better world through education.


Ir. Manuir José Mentges

Vice Dean PUCRS

Now, we are starting to use digital more and more... Digital is here to stay, without a doubt.


Eduardo Aparecido da Silva


Since I couldn’t afford a private prep course, I found Passei Direto, and it has everything I need to study for the entrance exam and for the ENEM. And it was thanks to Passei Direto that I got a full scholarship in a private nursing university.


Thais Eliza Jacinto

Nursing Student - Passei Direto

It used to be that it only made sense to have a platform if I had a very large or geographically dispersed company. That changed. Today, any company, regardless of size, needs a knowledge management platform, because it brings the individual closer to the learning process.


Gilmara Alvarado

Banco ABC

The SapiênCia content collection offers titles that are mostly in line with extremely essential, top trending skills. They are short learning objects like knowledge pills that allow people to consume several of these in a short time span.


Michelle Wizemberg Dentes


The LMS Antena Platform allowed us to design a pedagogical strategy aligned with the needs of our business partners, who are not company employees and required a different approach. The tool does what it sets out to do, and supports the latest technology solutions for corporate education.


Luana Macedo


We had the opportunity to scale our training program through the automation that the platform provides and this was one of the most important points that helped with training at Loft.


Luan Martins


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